LIMERENCE        a network dedicated to fictional women

"Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness."

                                         Welcome, dear friends, to the new and soon to be filled Limerence Network,                                     a domain and future network dedicated entirely to fictional women. For those                                 of you who may know me, I am Emrys and if you've talked to me for so much as five                           minutes, you'll know that I love women. Not just particular characters, not just their                        dynamics in series and not even my attraction to them but as a whole.

Women, I   don't know if you know this, are fucking incredible. Women come in all shapes and sizes, from personalities that make you take a step back in intidimation to that adorable side character with the predictable little quirk. From the peak of their growth to the rough and tumble as they piece together their ideals, morals and ambitions, women are to be celebrated... and that is exactly what this network will do.

Here, you will find a variety of different site types and I welcome you to explore and interact with them as much as you please. Whether it is for a general topic or a place to yell about the ladies I love the most, I can only hope that you will enjoy your time here and find it engaging enough to come on back! ♥ Vistors:

[Directory] Badass Bitches

Here we like our women like we like our lives - dripping with awesome. That's why this directory came into existance. It seems like every where you go on the internet and media, women aren't loved nearly as much as their male counter parts and this is our small step forward. [...]

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the technical stuff

An online directory where you may submit the link to your women-related sites, fanlistings, fansites etc and they will be listed publically for others to browse through. Also hosts a seasonal tribute making contest that is open to the public.

[Fansite] A Shoujo-ai/Yuri Tribute

Ever flipped through other guides, hungry for some genuine shoujo-ai, only to be guided toward a series that strickly queer baits or is a brief moment within a 200 episode series? Yeah, me too. It's irritating to get burned every time like that. Well, no more!! Make this your one stop shop for all your gay baby needs because I'm sure you, as much as I, am ready to read and watch some real sweet lady lovin'.

Not Open: In Progress

the technical stuff

A future site dedicated to the genre of shoujo-ai/yuri (lesbians). It will boast links and information for series that fit within that category, as well as discuss and list other series that may contain such same sex relationships. Think of it like a Wiki of gay, fictional ladies.

[Tribute] Aikawa Ryou

Ryou is one of the many side characters in the game and so we don't know much about her. However, her regal personality when she's playing out a role has managed to captivate many hearts and certainly claimed mine. I truly wish that she was part of the formal teams but if she cannot be in the limelight, then maybe she can find a little way into your heart from here!

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the technical stuff

A mini tribute dedicated to the side character Aikawa Ryou from the video game Love Live!

[Buttons] Take Your Pick

Would you like to affiliate with the Limerence Network? That's great! What you see is what you get but if you're okay with linking to this little hub, you are more than welcome!


the technical stuff

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